Meet the Coaches

Nicole Zolicoffer_Fotor
Club Director, Head Coach 17U

nicole zolicoffer

Nicole joined LAVA in the fall of 2018 as the head coach of the 15U Panthers. She was formerly the head volleyball coach at Western Middle School for 3 years. She played for Peoria High School in Peoria, Illinois as well as a variety of adult leagues ever since. “My goal as a coach is to pass on the love and passion of volleyball to young ladies wanting to learn, thrive and develop as athletes. My experiences and continued education as player and coach has given me the skills to build our athletes. I provide a positive coaching environment that will also push my athletes mentally and
physically in a constructive manner that will help them develop further”.
She has two children (Ariyah and Avan).

Erica Reisser Assistant Director
Assistant Director

Erica Reisser

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Kelly Sutherland Head Coach of 18U
Head Coach 18U

Kelly Sutherland

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Lamar Grayson Assistant Coach 18U
Assistant Coach 18U

Lamar Grayson

I am Lamar and I graduated from the University of Louisville and played on their club and USAV team. I have been either playing, coaching, or refereeing since 1995.

My coaching opportunity came true when I became part of the Ballard High School coaching staff in 2006. In 2011, I became Ballard’s head coach until 2017. I have coached many age groups during club seasons at Union, Relentless, and now Louisville Allstars Volleyball Academy.

As I continue to grow as a coach, I look forward to pushing the athletes to be the best they can be, not only as players but as young adults. I strongly believe the kind of athlete you see on the court is a direct reflection of the individual you will see in life. That is why we constantly ask and expect “best effort” at all times.

I believe that the players I had the honor to coach have taught me as much as they have learned from me. I look forward to seeing what the future of this program will bring.

Outside of volleyball, I have a full-time job, and I am a father to one amazing and busy daughter along with a loving girlfriend of 10 years, however, my love for the game of volleyball and teaching its many life lessons is my true passion in life.

Melanie Masterson Assistant Coach of 18U
Assistant Coach 18U

Melanie Masterson

Hi. My name is Melanie but you can call me Mel. I am one of the Assistant Coaches for 18s team at LAVA. I have played volleyball ever since I can remember. I played for St. Albert the Great, Ballard High School, Union, and MAVA as a Defensive Specialist/Libero. After High School, I played in various adult leagues, including Quads, Womens, Coed, Indoor, Outdoor, even Doubles. This will be my 4 th year coaching volleyball.
As a coach, I strive for my players to improve and perfect their technique and fundamentals that will reflect on the court. Every season, I hope to teach my players not only the art of volleyball, but also how to work together as a team with people they have never met before. I want my players to gain something from each season to use towards their future while enjoying the sport

Jenna Fox Assistant Coach of 17U
Assistant Coach of 17U

Jenna Fox

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Marisa Brown
16u panthers head coach


Marisa joined LAVA in the summer of 2019 as the head coach of the 12U Panthers. She is currently the head volleyball coach at Pleasure Ridge Park High School and was previously the head volleyball coach at Hebron Middle School. She played volleyball for North Bullitt High School and for Eastern Kentucky University’s club volleyball team. She has one child (Fayelynne).

Kasey Rice Head Coach of 15U
Head Coach of 15U

Kasey Rice

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Debra Rice Asisstant Coach 15U
Asisstant Coach 15U

Debra Rice

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Marissa Satram Head Coach 14U
head coach 14U

Marissa Satram

Marissa joined LAVA in the fall of 2020 as the head coach of the 12U Panthers. She is currently the 6th grade volleyball coach at Farnsley Middle School. She attended DuPont Manual High School and the University of Kentucky.

Lucie Kline Head coach of the 13U
Head coach of the 13U

Lucie Kline

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Gianna Gatti-Vice Assistant of 13U
Assistant Coach 13U

Gianna Gatti-Vice

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